17 December 2011


We gone to practice and done with the actual performance to support our group in the community which is the SMALLVILLE on its Rock Project 2011 for a cause, still, we didn't know what will be the name of our band.

THE SRP 2011
Its an annual event to support the indigent families in the community. Anyone can bring canned goods, noodles, money and can even showcase their talents to encourage some to do the same. It also support individuals in their personal endeavors, business, interests,etc. SMALLVILLE is none partisan, unpolitical and unbiased. We do accept support of any kind from any person or establishments, but we do not promote political agendas from any officials. Just pure help and intentions from simple and ordinary people who choose to walk with positive change. 


Compose of Jaya Amaro on vocals (Kris younger sister), Winwin Corillo on drums (my youngest sister), JC Romero on keys (brother in FY), Kris Amaro on guitar (brother in FY, Wasted bandmate) and I myself in bass guitar. We had one week of preparation to practice the songs Migraine, Pricetag and Tila. I and Kris formed the project band since our current band (wasted) can't make it due to some important reasons. We still did it and I could really sway and bang my head on to our music, its pretty good and rock en roll. Everyone did their job really well with passion. But until then we're still undecided and clueless with the band name. I want it named after St. Claire which is CLARA, but I want to reserve it for my future all girls band :) 

Making music and helping others at the same time, we can be God's instrument in so many ways. By sharing His given talent and grace we can be a hero. Giving does not depend on whatever we have,  it depends on whatever we receive, big or small. God anyway didn't require us to give it all, just a SHARING and you'll be part of His kingdom in Heaven. This season let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas :)
Godbless you all!

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